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An adolescent focused behavioral health PHP/IOP in Denver.

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Welcome to
Alis Behavioral Health

We offer help and hope to teens between the ages of 11-17 struggling with a range of mental health concerns including depression, safety concerns and anxiety disorders.
Alis Behavioral Health is a specialized PHP/IOP program, created to proactively address the issues teens today are struggling with.
We believe that nobody should go unnoticed. We want to be involved in your journey.

We believe in empowering the future generations with tools for success

How we can help

Individual Therapy

You are one of a kind. Get a specialized treatment plan and work one on one with the therapist best suited for you.


In our Denver based Partial Hospitalization program (PHP), our mental health professionals provide therapy sessions
 for 5 hours, 5 days a week.

Group Therapy

Join a group of like minded and similarly struggling teens, facilitated by an experienced mental health professional.


In our Outpatient Program (IOP), our mental health professional provide therapy sessions for 3 hours, 5 days a week at our mental health facility.

For the treatment of

Mood Disorders

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Safety Concerns

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School Refusal

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Mental health... is not a destination, but a process.
It's about how you drive, not where you’re going.

Noam Shpancer, PHD

Start your teen’s journey to success


Reach out for an initial assessment with the Alis Behavioral Health team.


We will work to design a program unique to your teen’s needs, including type and length of treatment.


Our goal is for your teen to gain increased resiliency, and the resources to continue their journey.

Nobody should have to choose between mental health and education

Our focus is to collaborate with your teen and the school support systems throughout Colorado to ensure their educational needs are met.


Teens should be able to learn skills to cope with life in a warm, open, and caring environment. If you see or suspect a problem, there is help!

Social Workers & Teachers

Mental health issues, including school refusal, are on the rise.
If your student is struggling, please reach out to a caring mental health professional for a consultation.


Through active listening, our mental health professionals will work with you to identify current barriers to your educational needs. Helping you build the skills needed to achieve including time management, creating a safe productive workspace, and learning how to maintain the motivation to complete your tasks.

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I'm a teen seeking help,
why should I choose you?

Individual Focus

Alis Behavioral Health recognizes that it takes all colors to make a rainbow. Our diverse team approaches your story, and your needs with empathetic listening, supporting you as you rise to the occasion.

Communication Technology

By using the Alleva connect app, we allow for direct messaging to your providers with a 1 business day expected response time, access to handouts/guides, and both you and your family can be active in your treatment, even after you graduate from our program.

Our commitment is to provide leading edge treatment in youth mental health services.

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Why Alis Behavioral Health?


Help is right here in the neighborhood. Our convenient location is in the heart of Denver, Colorado, centralized to meet your needs.


We tailor our mental health services to each individual teen based on their clinical needs.


Our behavioral health staff have over a decade of experience working with youth mental health services.

At Alis Behavioral Health, we believe that
working through mental health challenges is a gateway to confidence, resiliency and strength. These pillars help your teen lead into adulthood.

Help your teen become a leader in their own healing.

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We accept Colorado Access and many other insurance plans